Dine With Artie

As part of my lifestyle change the way I dine out has certainly changed, from fast food to healthy food that tastes great.

Join me each month as I profile some great places to eat out that cater for people that want to be able to eat out and enjoy their food and make it an experience.

This month I am featuring a fabulous Queensland restaurant called “The Spirit House” nestled in beautiful surrounds in Yandina on the Sunshine Coast.

This is truly a dining experience, as you walk into the inviting welcome entrance.

You quite literally feel you have stepped into an Asian paradise, bamboo flares burning, Buddha statues, ponds, wooden bridges, water features, candles, soft music.

Once you arrive to be seated by happy smiling staff you are taken to your seat around their own lake, and kept cozy all night by heaters, the extraordinary smell of fresh herbs from their herb farm.

And then the food……  Let me tell you that the food here is a taste sensation, forget food laden with fat that makes you regret the night for days, the meals from The Spirit House is simply laden with flavor !

Dining with my close friend and life/business coach Deb from Squiggly Training, we decided that we couldn’t decide on which wonderful dish to order so we choose the Thai Banquet for two, in taste size portions so we could enjoy an explosion of tastes.

Thai Banquet for Two


Tom Kha Gai – Classic Thai soup of chicken, galangal & lemongrass


Steamed shitake mushroom & cashew nut wontons with soy and black vinegar dipping sauce


Ginger poached chicken & banana blossom salad with chilli lime dressing


Stir fry of braised beef in jungle paste, with green peppercorns and kaffir lime leaves


Orange gaeng som curry of assorted seafood with pineapple, wild ginger and lime


The Spirit House can be found at

For Bookings call 5446 8994

Address 20 Ninderry Road Yandina

The Spirit House also has a magnificent cooking school attached which is open during the day, my friend Deborah has been many times and tells me it is an all day event of learning, socializing and wonderful food to eat at the end of the day.

Dining Tip


It is also important to remember that many restaurants now cater to cooking food to your taste and can grill instead of batter, sauces placed on side dishes so you can decide on the right amount for you.