People often want to know what makes Artie tick…….

My love of fashion, I use to buy many men’s fashion magazines and just look at the cloths an wish that I would be able to wear them, I would never go into a ‘designer men’s shop’s I knew the only thing in there that would fit would be sock’s. Boy has that changed, I have to say thanks for the 100′s of emails regarding my shirts……I can tell you that I love “Ben Sherman” clothing, to be able to wear “Ben Sherman” is a dream come true for me.

Eating out, I’m proof that you can eat out an still maintain weight loss…..its easy, remember we have choices that we make, lets make eating a healthy one.

Clubs & Bars, when I do out in Sydney you may find me at The Stonewall & The Columbian, two great bars with friendly staff. When I have gone out with Trace & Jo they are always looking after us……more so Jo! To my mates at The Stonewall, I have had some brilliant nights there & to Tracy (manager) a big thank you to you.

The Arts… it all, from art house movies to blockbusters, from the theater to the opera.

Fitness, that speaks for it self. You will always find me on Saturday morning training with the boys down at Coogee Beach. Have to say I love my Saturday morning training sessions.

My friends that have gone through this journey with me I owe you the world, you all know who you are, I would not be where I am today if it was not for each and every one of you, for this I’m forever greatful.