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Artie’s Butterflies May 2006

Dear Artie,

Thank you for being such an extraordinary motivational speaker with our Butterfly Experience group today. Our students beamed all day singing your praise.

I would also like to send you just a few of their comments.

Artie’s visit was just amazing – very inspirational

Artie was a true inspiration to me today, what a guy !!!

Meeting Artie and listening how he had a life changing journey, if he can do it then I can do it.

Artie was so inspiring, can he come back and visit !

Our guest speaker Artie today was magnificent

Artie’s inspiration was a true delight

Hearing Artie’s talk was great I loved hearing “Anything you want to achieve you CAN achieve”.

Thanks Artie, we at can’t wait for you to be teaching our award winning male version of our program “The Metamorphosis”, you will continue to move so many lives with your story.

Director Deborah Morandin

Squiggly Training

The Butterfly Experience Program – Squiggly Skills for Life